Warming the Bench with Dan Tran

Bang! Bang!—The Astros shot us down

Episode Summary

The Houston Astros' sign-stealing scandal echoed through the sports world like a bat hitting a trashcan, but it was also the league's response (or lack thereof). Dan breaks it all down with former Sonoma Stompers general manager Jen Ramos including offering MLB commissioner Rob Manfred some alternate punishments.

Episode Notes

Dan Tran and former Sonoma Stompers GM Jen Ramos break down the Astros sign-stealing scandal, analyzing the impact it's had on the league, the minors and even little league.

They also discuss some experimental punishments that may be better than the $5 million fine and draft pick forfeitures the MLB commissioner handed down, including one involving Braves player Nick Markakis, who suggested Astros players needed to be beaten for their crimes.