Warming the Bench with Dan Tran

NFL: The State of the Black Quarterback

Episode Summary

In September, "The Undefeated" claimed that 2019 would be the year of the black quarterback, and the excellent play of Lamar Jackson, Russell Wilson and Patrick Mahomes have made them look like prophets. But are they actually respected? "The Ringer" staff writer Tyler Tynes joins Daniel Tran to talk about the Black quarterback and whether they are treated fairly by the league who employs them and the fans who root for them. Don't miss this lively discussion!

Episode Notes

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Five of the top 10 quarterbacks in terms of QBR are Black. A Black quarterback leads the NFL in passing yards, passing touchdowns, QBR and passing yards per game respectively. The top two MVP candidates by most prognosticators are Black. It would appear the days of the mistreatment of black quarterbacks is over. Or is it?

Race, politics and sports expert Tyler Tynes breaks it all down with Dan Tran.